Fradley Heritage Group – Next Meeting

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The next meeting is at 7:30pm on Monday 19th February in St Stephen’s Church.  Go along to find out more and get involved.

A new community group has been set-up in Fradley and needs your support.

Fradley Heritage Group is made up of 3 sub-groups: Fradley History Society, Fradley Cultural Society and Fradley Environment Group.

We are currently pushing forward with the History Society and are looking for villagers to get involved and help in any way they can. Our main interest areas are RAF Lichfield, the Coventry Canal and old buildings/houses in Fradley.

The Cultural Society is aiming to start a youth club for kids between 10-15 years old on a Friday evening, at Fradley Youth & Community Centre. This needs a lot more support from residents before it can start. So if you could help if any way, please contact the group.

The Environment group is yet to get going as we need someone to lead on this. There is plenty of support and funding available to allow projects to be completed and we have a fantastic opportunity to follow in the foot-steps of the hugely successful Whittington & Fisherwick Environment Group.

Fradley Heritage Group is


Simon Roberts – 01543 444 470  /  07709 433493

Treasurer & main contact


Frank Sulley – Chair

Linda Tyler – Vice-Chair

Richard Green – Secretary