As the minerals and waste planning authority, Staffordshire County Council (SCC) are responsible for determining planning applications relating to minerals and waste development.  They are also responsible for determining applications relating to their own developments (e.g. at schools and new road improvement schemes).  All other types of planning application (e.g. housing and commercial development) are dealt with by District/Borough Councils, although they do consult SCC on certain proposals before they make their final decisions.

All planning applications that are received are publicised and any local residents who may be directly affected by these proposals are notified.  Councils are obliged to undertake a formal period of public consultation before they determine a planning application, to consult and engage with people and organisations, to gain their views.  See below on how to comment on planning applications during the consultation period, along with a list of reasons to support or oppose a proposal.

Common Material Considerations

Make comments on applications SCC are dealing with via their Application Search online comment form, by email to the Planning Inbox – or by post:

Planning, Policy & Development Control
Staffordshire County Council
1 Staffordshire Place (Floor 2)
ST16 2DH

Comments can be made on plans being considered by Lichfield District Council by completing the online form Comment on a planning application, by email to or by post to the address on the letter of notification, on the site notice or in a press notice and in the timescale specified.

Please also note that comments may be viewed by anyone as an application is a public document.  Comments may also be published on the council’s website or forwarded/copied to other parties.