Public Meeting Friday 11th January 2019

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The following items were discussed at a Public Meeting held at 7:30pm on Friday 11th January in Fradley Village Hall:

  1. Cleared land at the corner of Turnbull Road and Hay End Lane – Planning Application 18/01693/FUL to build 8 houses.
  2. Further Housing Development in Fradley.
  3. The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on Thursday 31st January 2019.

Here are some documents and links you may find useful:

  1.  Fradley Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version (click here) This is also available with other documents on the LDC website:
  2. Fradley Neighbourhood Plan Policy Map – Page 48 (click here)
  3. Fradley Neighbourhood Plan Policy Inset Map – Page 49 (click here)
  4. SHLAA Sites 2017-18 – Fradley Page 123 (click here) The full 357 page Strategic housing land availability assessment document (SHLAA) is available to download on the LDC website:
  5. Site Plan – Turnbull Road Proposed Residential Development 1(click here) This is also available online: by clicking on View current planning applications and entering application number 18/01693/FUL in the search box.